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Our specialty is aligning product development programs with market realities. What are the key challenges? There may be only a vague sense of the target product profile. The clinical trial endpoints may be unclear. A relevant precedent for estimating potential reimbursement may not exist. The long-term future competitive set and evolving standards of care may be unclear. Or the therapy may change the conventional treatment paradigm, potentially altering referral patterns and the target physicians who will be the key decision makers.

We are a hands-on partnership focused on identifying the critical steps necessary for minimizing the commercial risk associated with early technologies and pipeline-product investments. With unmatched expertise in market research, strategic insight and forecasting, we deliver insight to clarify the uncertainties associated with early-stage products and help you prioritize the strategic options for optimizing your clinical development, portfolio strategy, marketing, licensing and partnering efforts.  Our consultancy is your conduit to future success.

“The partners at Aptis bring tremendous insight and experience to bear assisting their clients vet their pipelines and more importantly, quantify and validate with customers the key elements of the target product profile required to define the requirements for a successful product.”

Bob Linke, President and CEO, Embera NeuroTherapeutics