We begin each project by asking: “What decisions need to be made as a result of the engagement?” Your answer to this question, the magnitude of the investment decision you need to have in the results, plus of course budget and timing will drive the entire research design.

We work closely with our clients to optimize the research methodology. We know which research methodology is best, who to talk with, what questions to ask, and how many people to interview based on the decisions you face and the stage of development of your asset.

Each engagement is thoroughly customized and flexible, enabling us to shift emphasis as needed. Projects can also be phased so as more data and insight are accumulated we can decide whether it makes sense to proceed to the next phase.

The research process is highly collaborative, transparent and seamless. We ask our clients to review and edit respondent screening criteria, lists of target key opinion leaders (KOLs) and discussion guides. We often work with our clients’ internal development teams to help create target product profiles or product concept descriptions for market testing. We also encourage clients to listen in to interviews, submit questions to us in real time during the interview and to participate in a debriefing after each interview to review what was learned and discuss potential refinement of the key questions.

Interviews with KOLs, most payers and the vast majority of physician specialists, particularly those practicing in major academic centers, are conducted in English. When native language interviews are necessary or preferred, we call on our network of long-term, trusted moderators around the globe.

Our final reports, presented in PowerPoint format, are fully referenced and include a detailed description of findings, including verbatims, summaries, conclusions, strategic options and recommendations.