Our Specialty

Aptis is a global life science consultancy dedicated to helping our clients optimize pipeline asset management. Our work forms the basis of commercial success across all aspects of pipeline management: strategic partnerships, portfolio prioritization, clinical trial strategy, and managing the ever-present uncertainty and risk. We imbue our work with curiosity, humor, intellectual rigor and a fierce drive to help our clients succeed.

“Several years ago when I led business development at a 100-person biotech, my company faced major decisions about which target indications, and even therapeutic areas, were strategically and financially most attractive for the future focused development of our novel, broadly-applicable platform technology. Our company’s selection of product focus was significantly and sagely influenced by Aptis’ work. Tucker and Susan’s analysis produced a number of significant ‘ah-ha’ moments for my multi-discipline management colleagues, and Aptis’ consolidated report substantially underpinned our board-level strategic recommendations. We felt as if 100% of their attention was on our project. Clearly, Tucker and Susan’s highly seasoned experience in biotechnology strategy consulting places them among the finest boutique consulting firms available today.”

Ted Hibben, Chief Business Officer, Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.