Our Difference

Aptis is distinctly different from other life science consultancies. First and foremost, the partners provide full hands-on engagement.

  • Senior level expertise with each project.
    Early-stage research and strategy work demands senior counsel. As partners, we are fully involved in every aspect of each project, from developing the interview materials to conducting the research to analyzing the findings. The core of our work involves exploring in-depth clinical issues with top global thought leaders and academically-based specialists. We believe strongly that only a highly experienced senior team has the skills to perceive the underlying biases, dig deep for the right questions, and discern the insights necessary for forming a successful strategy.
  • Close, collaborative working relationship.
    We welcome clients’ full involvement in the research process, including listening to interviews, participating in debriefing calls after each interview and providing input to the lines of questioning or the project scope. We view clients as partners and strive for a collaborative working relationship so there is buy-in on recommendations and major conclusions as the project progresses.
  • A small core team with a wide breadth of capabilities.
    Our emphasis on primary and secondary research is enriched by affiliations with experts in forecasting, large-scale quantitative surveys, web research, global fieldwork and reimbursement. We manage our affiliates seamlessly so that regardless of the number and complexity of resources brought to bear on a project, the client’s primary contact always includes Susan and/or Tucker.
  • A project plan that evolves with research results.
    Research on early-stage products is highly iterative and typically leads to new fundamental questions and assumptions. The partners are fully responsible for guiding this iterative process, recommending changes to the discussion guide as well as spontaneously applying new learnings from each interview to the next one reflecting dynamic, responsive and fresh queries and insights.
  • Select number of projects undertaken at any one time.
    Because Susan and Tucker are fully involved in each project, they can accommodate only a limited number of projects at any time. Their time is devoted to providing senior-level counsel from start to finish in every project, rather than training and managing junior staff. As a result, the firm is the same size today as it was when Aptis was founded in 2001—a fact Tucker and Susan are very proud of.
  • An integrated team with years of working together.
    The partners, consultants and affiliated organizations that comprise Aptis today have remained essentially unchanged over the past decade. Our long history of working together not only keeps our team responsive and accessible to client requests but also highly flexible to changes in the project plan.