While our specific assignments and methodologies vary by project, all of Aptis’s projects begin with in-depth qualitative research. Based on the scope of our investigation, services may include:

  • Qualitative Interviews
    In-depth interviews with key opinion leaders, prescribing physicians, allied health professionals, patients, patient advocacy groups and other key external stakeholders. Typically these are hour-long, one-on-one discussions over the phone; they may also be mini-teleconference focus groups.
  • Quantitative Surveys
    Small- to large-scale web-based surveys across one or more countries to obtain statistically relevant responses. Qualitative interviews are typically undertaken beforehand to develop the on-line questionnaire and pre-test the survey.
  • Forecast Modeling
    Interactive models based on input gathered from quantitative surveys for valuing the prospects of a product or technology, determining the trade-offs of enhancing one product attribute over another or assessing how different outcomes could justify different price points.
  • Reimbursement Planning
    Interviews with payers to sort out the potential reimbursement challenges with a product or to gather payer input to a client’s clinical trial plans and outcomes studies. Projects may also include development of a detailed reimbursement strategy that includes an analysis of payer and hospital/outpatient databases.